Successful Management of a Breast Surgery Practice

  • Charles D. Mabry


While some surgeons’ work occurs primarily in the hospital, the heart of most breast surgeons’ practice is their office. This is where most of the coding, billing, and collections occur. It is also where breast surgeons see their patients and perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The office is also where a patient gets her first look at how the surgeon’s business is conducted. Surgeons are often viewed by the patient as the natural leader of their practice, and therefore, are somehow “in charge” of the performance of the office. If your office is well run, helpful, and organized, she will think well of your surgical practice. However, if the office is disorganized, makes frequent mistakes, and does not display “the customer always comes first” spirit, that experience negatively reflects upon you, the surgeon, as well as the office. These observations apply equally to private practice and academic settings. Helpful suggestions for managing your practice are provided.


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