Paget’s Disease of the Breast

  • Chin-Yau Chen
  • Kristin E. Calhoun
  • Benjamin O. Anderson


Although Paget’s disease of the breast by definition is an in situ malignancy located within the epidermis of the nipple-areolar complex, 85% of women diagnosed with the process will have an associated in situ or invasive cancer within the same breast. Historically, the standard of care for treatment of Paget’s disease was mastectomy. The pattern of presentation of the disease, however, has changed in the U.S. Currently, roughly half of patients presenting with Paget’s disease have a process that is amenable to central lumpectomy, in which the nipple areolar complex is removed, but the majority of the breast is conserved. The history, clinical features, diagnostic studies, and therapeutic options available for Paget’s Disease of the breast are discussed.


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  • Kristin E. Calhoun
  • Benjamin O. Anderson
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