The Clinical Breast Cancer Team

  • Amrit Mangat
  • Nora Hansen


As breast cancer treatment has advanced, management options have become more complex. Breast cancer management has changed from a disease treated solely by surgery in the early 1900s, to treatment which consists of multifaceted and sophisticated therapies, of which surgery is just one part. This exceedingly complicated and heterogeneous disease is now impacted by numerous medical specialties, and the multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer requires the coordination provided by “The Clinical Breast Cancer Team.” Knowledge of team members and their roles both optimizes as well as facilitates the delivery of integrated care.


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  1. 1.Department of Surgery, Feinberg School of MedicineNorthwestern UniversityChicagoUSA
  2. 2.Lynn Sage Comprehensive Breast Center, Prentice Women’s HospitalChicagoUSA

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