Wave Propagation and Dispersion Characteristics in Gyrotropic Medium

  • Abdullah Eroglu


In this chapter, we derive the general dispersion and constitutive relations for a gyrotropic medium. A detailed analysis of wave propagation in an electrically gyrotropic or gyroelectric medium will be given. We then obtain the dispersion relations in terms of angle \( \theta \), which is the angle between the wave normal and the external magnetic field, and in terms of the transverse component of the wave vector, \( {k_\rho } \). We will analyze the plane waves in a gyroelectric medium and consider the cut off and resonance conditions for the principle waves. We then use the results to construct the Clemmow-Mually-Allis (CMA) diagram and tabulate the frequency bands over which the wave can propagate in each region on this diagram.


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