Multifunctional Frequency Synthesizers

  • Alexander A. Ignatiev
  • Alexander V. Lyashenko


The frequency synthesizer is understood as an electronic device forming a signal of a demanded frequency or a set of frequencies, changeable with a finite step by operating signal-commands [72]. The frequency synthesizer of the MWF range is a multimodular device uniting the following basic elements and units: a highly stable quartz generator, a voltage-controlled generator, a VCG, stable MWF generators with a frequency trim, frequency dividers and multipliers, amalgamators, amplifiers, MWF filters, and a control device for all the elements of the synthesizer.


Phase Noise Frequency Change Coupling Element Frequency Synthesizer Return Displacement 
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  • Alexander A. Ignatiev
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  • Alexander V. Lyashenko
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  2. 2.Open Society “Tantal”SaratovRussia

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