The Extraperitoneal Pelvic Compartments

  • Yong Ho Auh
  • Jae Hoon Lim
  • Sophia T. Kung


The extraperitoneal space in the abdomen and pelvis is defined by peritoneum internally and parietal muscular fascia, including the transversalis fascia and parietal abdominal and pelvic fasciae, externally.1–8 In the abdomen, the posterior part of the extraperitoneal space (the so-called retroperitoneal space) is a large compartment, stratified into three spaces by renal fasciae: the most internal space (anterior pararenal space) for digestive organs; the intermediate space (perirenal space) for the kidneys, adrenals, and ureters; and the most external space (posterior pararenal space) for areolar and connective tissue.


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