The caBIG Clinical Trials Suite

  • John Speakman


As part of its Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG ® ) program and its overall commitment to drive the reengineering of the clinical research enterprise, the National Cancer Institute has developed the caBIG ® Clinical Trials Suite. The Suite is a free, stable, supported collection of open-source software tools for clinical trials management, developed in response to the expressed need of the biomedical research community and deployable either as one or more standalone components or as an integrated Suite. It is also a reference implementation of the caBIG ® enterprise architecture paradigm of modular, interoperable software components. This chapter gives an overview of the context within which the Suite was envisaged and developed, describes the functionality and availability of the Suite and gives an overview of the enterprise architecture of which the Suite is intended to serve as a reference implementation.


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