Discrete-Element Interferometers

  • Swapan Kumar Saha
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A number of Long Baseline Optical Interferometers (LBOI), providing submilliarcsec resolution, are in place on Earth, while space-based telescope arrays are being designed (Saha 2002; Monnier 2003; Labeyrie et al. 2006). Most of these instruments combine the features of the Michelson design and the radio interferometers. To note, interferometers with two telescopes provides the angular size and shape of the source, but cannot reconstruct the angular distribution across an asymmetrical source without ambiguity. For a binary component, such an instrument produces double images with 180 ambiguities. This limitation is possible to circumvent in systems with a larger number of telescopes, where sampling across all possible pairs may permit the reconstruction of high resolution stellar images.


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