Reissner–Mindlin Shear Moduli of a Sandwich Panel with Periodic Core Material

  • Arthur Lebée
  • Karam Sab
Part of the Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics book series (AMMA, volume 21)


Cecchi and Sab homogenization method (Cecchi and Sab in Int. J. Solids Struct. 44(18–19):6055–6079, 2007) for the derivation of the effective Reissner–Mindlin shear moduli of a periodic plate is applied to sandwich panels including chevron pattern. Comparison with existing bounds (Lebée and Sab in Int. J. Solids Struct., 2010) and full 3D finite element computation validates the method. Finally, the skins effect on transverse shear stiffness is put forward.


Transverse Shear Sandwich Panel Shear Modulo First Order Shear Deformation Theory Kirchhoff Plate 
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  1. 1.UR Navier, École des Ponts ParisTechUniversité Paris-EstMarne-la-Vallée Cedex 2France

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