Practical Applications of Simple Cosserat Methods

  • David A. Burton
  • Robin W. Tucker
Part of the Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics book series (AMMA, volume 21)


Motivated by the need to construct models of slender elastic media that are versatile enough to accommodated non-linear phenomena under dynamical evolution, an overview is presented of recent practical applications of simple Cosserat theory. This theory offers a methodology for modeling non-linear continua that is physically accurate and amenable to controlled numerical approximation. By contrast to linear models, where non-linearities are sacrificed to produce a tractable theory, large deformations are within the range of validity of simple Cosserat models. The geometry of slender and shell-like bodies is exploited to produce a theory that contains as few degrees of freedom as is physically reasonable. In certain regimes it is possible to include fluid-structure interactions in Cosserat rod theory in order to model, for example, drill-string dynamics, undersea riser dynamics and cable-stayed bridges in light wind-rain conditions. The formalism also lends itself to computationally efficient, effective models of microscopic carbon nanotubes and macroscopic gravitational antennae.


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