Open Grid Forum Research Group: Remote Instrumentation Services in Grid Environment – Overview of Activities

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This chapter presents the activities of the Open Grid Forum Remote Instrumentation Services in Grid Environment Research Group. The main goal of this research group is to bring together different approaches in defining remote access to scientific instruments and analyse use cases that integrate scientific instruments with Grids. This group brings together people that are involved in the field of remote instrumentation and Grid, in order to document experiences, present best practices, and work on informational documents that would describe different use cases and a “model use case”. The group is currently in the phase of collecting use cases and identifying a “model use case”. First, results and an example use case are presented in order to illustrate the future directions of the research.


Remote instrumentation Grid Open grid forum Instruments Remote access Interactivity Visualization Model use case Experimental facilities Accelerators Synchrotron Free electron lasers 


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