Weaning Failure of Cardiac Origin: Recent Advances

  • I.-L. Teboul
  • X. Monnet
  • C. Richard
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Mechanical ventilation generally exerts negative hemodynamic effects in patients with normal cardiac function mainly because of the reduction in venous return induced by positive intrathoracic pressure at each insufflation [1]. By contrast, positive pressure ventilation exerts beneficial effects in patients with cardiogenic pulmonary edema such that it is routinely used as a therapy in this category of patients [2, 3]. Conversely, cardiac consequences of spontaneous breathing may be responsible for weaning failure in patients with left heart disease, even though the mechanical ventilation was required for respiratory failure of non-cardiac origin. Since its first description more than twenty years ago [4], cardiogenic pulmonary edema has been recognized as a frequent cause of weaning failure in patients with underlying left cardiac dysfunction.


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