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Apart from Jungnickel’s book [17] mentioned in the preface, we suggest (in alphabetical order of the first author’s surname) the following textbooks: 1. Linear Programming by V. Chvátal [11] This is one of the best introductions on linear programming and optimization. Most of the concepts and techniques are introduced using illustrative examples. 2. Introduction to Operations Research by F.J. Hillier and G.J. Lieberman [15] This is a standard work on general operations research. 3. Operations Research; Models and Methods by P.A. Jensen and J.F. Bard [16] This is again a standard reference on general operations research. 4. Linear Optimization and Extensions by J.M. Padberg [22] This book on linear optimization grew out of a series of lectures and contains a chapter that relates combinatorial optimization with linear optimization. 5. Theory of Linear and Integer Programming by A. Schrijver [24] This book provides a thorough mathematical treatment of the theory of linear and integer optimization. It is aimed at an advanced level. 6. Linear and Integer Programming; Theory and Practice by G. Sierksma [26] This book on linear programming/optimization contains a large number of case studies, including several on network optimization. 7. Operations Research: an Introduction by H.A. Taha [29] This is another standard work on general operations research. 8. Model Building in Mathematical Programming, and Model Solving in Mathematical Programming by H.P. Williams [30, 31] These two books on building and solving mathematical models are very well written, and cover aspects of model building and solving that are dealt with very cursorily in other introductory books. The first book also contains a number of case studies on mathematical modeling. 9. Operations Research: Applications and Algorithms by W.L. Winston [33] This again is a major standard work on general operations research.


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