The Modeling and Implementing Process

  • Gerard Sierksma
  • Diptesh Ghosh
Part of the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science book series (ISOR, volume 140)


Mathematical models do not exist in vacuum, but are typically representations of real-life problem situations. Therefore, even in a book of problems in network optimization, it is important to point out the position of optimization modeling and solution in real life problem solving. Hence this chapter.

Modeling and solving a practical problem is usually a long process of advancing insight. The person on the work floor, who actually faces the problem, often intuitively feels the presence of a problem, and gradually, in a step-by-step process, identifies the actual problem. Only then it is time to think of solving the problem, and possibly implementing a computer decision support system to help the organization more accurate and effective in the future when similar problems arise. Very often organizations do not take enough time to analyze the problem in enough detail and buy expensive software that does not meet their needs sufficiently.

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