Waist Circumference Measures and Application to Thai Children and Adolescents



The prevalence of childhood obesity has been increasing worldwide. Assessment of changing trends in nutritional and health status of the child population could be achieved using accurate and reliable body composition techniques. Waist circumference is a simple anthropometric measure that is useful for the detection of abdominal obesity which reflects the sum of subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissues in the trunk region. Research evidence shows that waist circumference is highly correlated with weight-for-height and body mass index. Waist circumference is also a good predictor of cardiovascular risk factors. Measurement of waist circumference can be performed at different sites of the trunk region and the measurement technique requires a standardized procedure. Reference data of percentile distributions of waist circumference among children and adolescents are now available in many countries, including Thailand. Waist circumference cut-off can be an advantageous tool for a large-scale screening of children who are at risk for overnutrition and for tracking child growth. Future studies need to address the universal waist circumference benchmark and the application of waist circumference as well as weight-to-height ratio for growth monitoring and public health intervention program towards promoting a healthy child population.


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Area under curve


Body mass index


Computerized tomography


Diastolic blood pressure


Fat-free mass


High-density lipoprotein cholesterol


Intra-abdominal adipose tissue


Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol


Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Negative predictive value


Positive predictive value


Receiver operating characteristic


Subcutaneous adipose tissue


Systolic blood pressure


Total body fat




Visceral adipose tissue


Waist circumference


Waist-to-hip ratio


Waist-to-height ratio


Weight-for-height Z score


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