Anthropometry and Exercise in Obesity

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This chapter aims to review the effects of exercise on body measurements in overweight and obese people. Firstly, obesity is described in detail with regard to frequently associated medical problems and weight-related health risk. The necessity of the inclusion of an exercise training program in obesity management is underlined, and exercise training and exercise prescription for obese patients described. An overview of the anthropometric measurements used in assessing body fat distribution and monitoring the changes in body composition over an exercise training program in obese people is presented. The most commonly used body measurement methods in obesity outcome studies include simple anthropometric measurements and body composition measurement techniques. The outcome of body composition alterations with exercise is summarized as a slight decrease in total body weight, prevention of decrease in fat-free mass and relative increase in visceral fat-mass loss. The magnitude of these changes varies directly with the intensity, duration, and type of the exercise, e.g., aerobic versus strength training. The implementation of resistance exercise improves body composition by increasing fat-free mass. Dissimilar results of exercises on genders should be taken into consideration in obese men and women. Studies with a longer follow-up duration would provide further information regarding the effects of regular exercise in overweight or obese people.


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The World Health Organization


Body mass index


Waist circumference


Cardiovascular disease


Maximum heart rate


Heart rate reserve


Metabolic equivalents


Rating of perceived exertion


Maximum oxygen consumption


Bioelectrical impedance analysis


Computerized tomography


Magnetic resonance imaging


Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry


Aerobic exercise


Resistance exercise


Combined aerobic resistance training


Waist-to-hip ratio


Fat mass


Fat free mass


Calorie restriction


Lean body mass


Percent body fat


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