The Art of Pain: The Patient’s Perspective of Chronic Pain

  • Yvonne Palermo


As a terminal chronic pain patient, and I say terminal because it is just that. Never letting up, never going away, and yes I will die with this degeneration and torture known as pain.


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This chapter was supported in part by the generous donation of Dragon Naturally Speaking PROFFESIONAL VERSION. Their generous support allowed me to write this chapter, with pain typing has become a pain trigger, and one thing of the abilities I am really good at now is gone. But with Dragon Naturally Speaking, I can speak what I want written and it does it all for you pain free! I would also like to thank my daughter, without her I wouldn’t have fought as hard, and remember NONE of this is your fault. To the child I lost due to my broken body not being able to give us both life, I think of you every day. I would like to acknowledge Dr. Hagedorn of Seattle, Washington, for being a Doctor first, and for saving my life. Jim without your believing in me I would have thought I was crazy, and thanks for staying true to your vows, that is a Man. Also I would like to thank Mark, this was quite a gift you gave me. To Judy, thank you for taking away the fog and allowing me to see the light of God. I am thanking myself, for being able to walk through the threshold of pain and keep going strong for myself and to help others. Dad, thanks for supporting me and listening when I needed help. And lastly, Dr. Moore, thanks for taking a chance on a stranger and letting her tell a scary story that should open some eyes up to many truths about chronic pain, our health care system and make some changes for the better for people living in pain.

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