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Customer satisfaction measurement is one of the most important issues concerning business organizations of all types, which is justified by the customerorientation philosophy and the main principles of continuous improvement of modern enterprises. In fact, measurement constitutes one of the five main functions of the management science allowing for the understanding, the analysis, and the improvement (Massnick, 1997). As it is rumored, Lord Kelvin (19th century) said that “…if you cannot measure something, you cannot understand it…”

For these reasons, customer satisfaction should be measured and translated into a number of measurable parameters. In the recent decades, the importance of customer satisfaction for business organizations has been increased. Thus, customer satisfaction measurement is now considered as the most reliable feedback, taking into account that it provides in an effective, direct, meaningful and objective way the customers’ preferences and expectations. In this way, customer satisfaction is a baseline standard of performance and a possible standard of excellence for any business organization (Gerson, 1993).


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