Intestinal Ischemia

  • Hazar Michael
  • C. S. Pitchumoni
  • C. S. Pitchumoni
  • C. S. Pitchumoni


The prevalence of intestinal ischemia in the elder is higher than the general population and that largely due to increased atherosclerosis and heart diseases with aging. The two major types of intestinal ischemia are ischemic colitis and mesenteric ischemia. Ischemic colitis is a well-known complication of abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, both in elective and emergent cases. Acute mesenteric ischemia presents with abdominal pain and early on, prior to infraction, relatively benign abdominal examination. Mortality rate is high in all forms of mesenteric ischemia and early recognition and intervention prior to bowel infraction have the most impact on the prognosis. Chronic mesenteric ischemia is the least common form of all intestinal ischemia. Patient early on has postprandial abdominal pain and fear of eating leading to substantial weight loss and later on the pain may occur even in the fasting state. Rapid improvement in diagnostic and radiologic testing will likely have a positive impact on all forms of intestinal ischemia.


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