• Robert S. Holzman
  • Thomas J. Mancuso
  • Navil F. Sethna
  • James A. DiNardo


A 3-year old is rescued from a burning apartment after hiding under the bed. He has a 55% burn, primarily below the knees and above the waist, including the face, and around the chest. He is short of breath, tachypneic, with a blood pressure of 130/90, a heart rate of 160, and a temperature of 39.4°C. He has a headache, is restless, and somewhat confused. You are his ICU doctor.


Rapid Sequence Induction Intravascular Hemolysis Carbon Monoxide Poisoning White Phosphorus Hypermetabolic State 
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  • Thomas J. Mancuso
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  • Navil F. Sethna
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  • James A. DiNardo
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  1. 1.Children’s Hospital BostonHarvard Medical SchoolBostonUSA

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