Inborn Errors of Metabolism

  • Robert S. Holzman
  • Thomas J. Mancuso
  • Navil F. Sethna
  • James A. DiNardo


A 5-year old with Hurler syndrome needs a recurrent umbilical hernia repaired. He cannot come in for evaluation prior to surgery, but will be coming in early on the day of surgery for his preop work-up. He is not yet in school, and is 24 kg.


Nasal Obstruction Laryngeal Mask Airway Glycogen Storage Disease Familial Hypercholesterolemia Glycogen Storage Disease Type 
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  • Robert S. Holzman
    • 1
  • Thomas J. Mancuso
    • 1
  • Navil F. Sethna
    • 1
  • James A. DiNardo
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  1. 1.Children’s Hospital BostonHarvard Medical SchoolBostonUSA

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