Respiratory System

  • Robert S. Holzman
  • Thomas J. Mancuso
  • Navil F. Sethna
  • James A. DiNardo


A 3-year-old male, 15 kg, is scheduled for functional endoscopic sinus surgery, bilateral myringotomy and tubes, and nasal ciliary biopsy. Vital signs are BP 90/60 mmHg, P 125 bpm, as palpated by his PMI in the right precordium, and T 37.2°C. His hemoglobin is 13.0 g/dL. He has a productive cough, mild expiratory wheezing, does not have a runny nose, and is completing a 14-day course of ampicillin. He uses a beclomethasone inhaler twice daily.


Endotracheal Tube Spontaneous Breathing Skin Blood Flow Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Pulmonary Sequestration 
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