Policy Priorities for the Unified Korea

  • Eui-Gak Hwang


The economic and political integration of a unified Korea has always been the national hope of both Koreas, but in reality the two sides have been pursuing the integration in a way that would favor their respective but completely different systems that each has antagonistically maintained since the division in 1945. The origin of the nation’s division was in large part traced to the ideological split among independent movement leaders after the World War II, whose misguided political ambitions underlined the stumbling blocks that did not allow them to compromise and to unselfishly unite. After the first cornerstone was mistakenly placed and fixed, it was not possible for the leaders to acknowledge that a mistake had been made. In addition, the special interest groups as well as specific situations have not made it possible for the separated to be in accordance, since either side was not willing to completely give up its respective ideological philosophy. The two sides have thus been in endless conflict and have maliciously blamed each other for the nation’s division and the resulting pains. In a bitter rivalry for over a half century, the competition seems to have almost driven the North into a dead-end. Toward the end of the last century, a powerful force wiped away the landscape of communist bloc countries. A decade of subsequent turmoil revised and reformed the theretofore atlas of most communist countries. The last remnant of Stalinist-type communism resides in the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” which is, in fact, neither “democratic” nor a “people’s republic.”


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