InGaAs, Ge, and GaN Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Devices with High-k Dielectrics for Science and Technology Beyond Si CMOS

  • M. Hong
  • J. Kwo
  • T. D. Lin
  • M. L. Huang
  • W. C. Lee
  • P. Chang


An overview is given on advances of science and devices of InGaAs, Ge, and GaN MOS capacitors and inversion-channel and depletion-mode MOSFET’s, with emphasis on the results using ultra-high vacuum (UHV) deposited Ga2O3(Gd2O3) [GGO] and atomic layer deposited (ALD) oxides as high-k dielectrics. Very importantly, no interfacial layers are employed in these MOS devices. Low interfacial densities of states (D it ) as well as low electrical leakage currents have been obtained. Moreover, thermodynamic stability was attained with GGO/InGaAs, as the hetero-structures were rapid thermal annealed to 800–900 °C. The oxide remains amorphous and the interface retains its atomic smoothness and sharpness. The oxide scalability with capacitance equivalent thickness (CET) of £1 nm has been achieved in GGO and ALD-HfO2 on InGaAs. Interfacial chemical properties and band parameters of valence band offsets, conduction band offsets, and oxide band gaps in the high-k’s/InGaAs are determined using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and electrical leakage transport. Inversion-channel and/or depletion mode InGaAs, GaN, and Ge MOSFET’s were fabricated; in particular, a self-aligned inversion-channel In0.53Ga0.47As MOSFET, made of Al2O3 (2 nm)/GGO (5 nm) gate oxide and TiN metal gate at 1 mm gate length, has reached a world - record drain current and transconductance.


High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Atomic Layer Deposit Rapid Thermal Anneal Drain Current Gate Dielectric 



The authors wish to thank National Science Council, Ministry of Education, Taiwan, Republic of China, Intel, AOARD (U.S. Air Force), TSMC, and IBM for supporting this work. The contributions from Y. J. Lee, Y. H. Chang, Y. D. Wu, T. H. Chiang, L. K. Chu, C. A. Lin, W. H. Chang, H. C. Chiu, R. L. Chu, and Y. C. Chang are greatly appreciated.


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  • J. Kwo
  • T. D. Lin
  • M. L. Huang
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