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  • Luciano L’Abate


The selected case studies in this chapter are taken from our files of years ago, when Bess L. L’Abate and I started to introduce programmed writing and self-help practice exercises in our part-time private practice (L’Abate et al., 2005). (The three individuals presented below for Section I gave written permission.) A complete practice exercise of social training, designed to decrease impulsivity with pretreatment and posttreatment evaluation in an imprisoned individual, was reported in L’Abate (1992). No permission was obtained from the participants at the time because publication was not contemplated; thus, many studies reported in this chapter are composites of cases for Sections II and V, to make sure that no identification is possible. Few case studies can be presented for Sections III and IV because we were not able to administer written homework assignments to functional or semifunctional participants. Furthermore, many of the ­practice exercise in this volume had not been created then.


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I am greatly indebted to Phillip Webb of Georgia State University School of Art and Design for his help with this chapter.

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