Low-Cost Approaches to Promote Physical and Mental health

  • Luciano L’Abate


Another advance relevant to the evolution of self-help in mental health interventions lies in low-cost approaches to promote physical and mental health. These approaches are based on the substantial evidence of positive outcomes in survival and mortality rates derived from (1) nutrition (diet, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and supplements); (2) nonverbal activities (relaxation, meditation, exercise, expressive movement such as dancing, and pleasant activities, such as gardening, playing cards, hobbies, etc.) (L’Abate, in press-b); (3) various types of writing (see Chap. 6 ); (4) close physical nonerotic contacts (massage, affection, hugging, holding, huddling, cuddling, etc.); and (5) relational bonds (friendships, social support, animal companions, prayer, spirituality, etc.) (L’Abate, 2007b).

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