The Development of IPV

  • A. John Beale


Jonas Salk died on 23 June 1995, and so is prevented from writing about the ­development of what he called “non-infectious polio vaccine”. My credentials to undertake the task are not perfect. I never worked for Jonas directly and by the time I reached Toronto to take up a Research Fellowship in Virus Diseases under the directions of Dr. Andrew Rhodes at the Hospital for Sick Children in September 1954, the Francis Trial of injectable polio vaccine (IPV) was already in progress.

Toronto, at the time of working for Andrew Rhodes, was an excellent place to observe the development of both IPV and oral polio vaccine (OPV). Rhodes in 1947 had set up a polio research unit at the Connaught Laboratories associated with the School of Hygiene of the University of Toronto. This unit was to play a decisive role in the development of IPV.


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