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Using Web Text Mining to Predict Future Events: A Test of the Wisdom of Crowds Hypothesis

  • Scott Ryan
  • Lutz Hamel
Part of the Annals of Information Systems book series (AOIS, volume 8)


This chapter describes an algorithm that predicts events by mining Internet data. A number of specialized Internet search engine queries were designed to summarize results from relevant web pages. At the core of these queries was a set of algorithms that embody the wisdom of crowds hypothesis. This hypothesis states that under the proper conditions the aggregated opinion of a number of nonexperts is more accurate than the opinion of a set of experts. Natural language processing techniques were used to summarize the opinions expressed from all relevant web pages. The specialized queries predicted event results at a statistically significant level. It was hypothesized that predictions from the entire Internet would outperform the predictions of a smaller number of highly ranked web pages. This hypothesis was not confirmed. This data replicated results from an earlier study and indicated that the Internet can make accurate predictions of future events. Evidence that the Internet can function as a wise crowd as predicted by the wisdom of crowds hypothesis was mixed.


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