Laparoscopic Approaches to Colonic Malignancy

  • Juliane Bingener
  • Heidi Nelson


The last two decades have witnessed the surge and success of laparoscopic approaches in several surgical arenas. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic solid organ surgery, and laparoscopic gastric bypass have become the standard of care. Adoption of laparoscopic colectomy has remained low until the middle of this decade and is approaching 10% for benign disease [1].

Concerns over the appropriateness of laparoscopic colectomy for colon cancer had been raised with regard to possible limitations in tumor staging, patterns of tumor recurrences related to the use of the pneumoperitoneum, and effective cost containment. Well-designed prospective randomized trials have now reported data necessary to support laparoscopic colectomy as an alternative technique for colon cancer. This chapter analyzes the technical aspects of laparoscopic colectomy (LAC) as a cancer operation, discusses the results experienced with LAC, addresses cancer staging and unusual patterns of tumor recurrence, describes the results of prospective randomized trials and meta-analyses, and gives an outlook on possible future developments.


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