Microscopic Interpretation in the Frozen Section Setting

  • Stephen R. PetersEmail author


There is no place in a surgical pathology practice that challenges our diagnostic skills more than the frozen section room. Given only a simple H&E section, under constraints of time and an anxious surgeon, we are faced with many diagnostic challenges. Our approach to read the frozen section slides for intra-operative consultation should be no different than for routine surgical specimens. The chapter discusses an approach to read the microscopic slides through by thorough examination, concentration and an organized plan for each specimen type. Key observations about our minds’ ability to visually process information are offered. Maintaining focus and concentration in uncomfortable settings and dealing with challenging cases are discussed. Other topics include reading at scanning powers, recognizing freeze artifacts and reporting of diagnostic findings.


Compression artifacts Difficult cases Freezing artifacts Ice crystals Nuclear ice crystals Operative consultation Microscopic interpretation Scanning objectives 

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