Cutting the Frozen Section

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The chapter covers a detailed method of cutting frozen sections on a cryostat using brush technique in continuous motion. The text covers all steps of the cutting process including trimming, cutting and retrieving. The goal is to develop great skill and sensitivity with the brush so that we can cut repeated sections in continuous motion without hesitation. This original approach presents the cutting process in a simple step wise fashion and strives to maximize our skill and dexterity through optimal hand and body positioning. The trimming process is discussed in detail. Potential sources of error such as malorientation, under trimming, and consequences of rotating the block are addressed. The chapter includes the techniques for making and cleaning frozen section brushes. Retrieving tissues form the stage and block are described. A method of teaching and passing continuous motion technique to students is described.


Antiroll devise Artifacts Brush-brush Cryostat Blade Frozen section Brush technique Body position Hand position Gouge Handle Mature face Orientation Premature face Rotating the frozen section block Frozen section brush Frozen section of minute specimens Trimming the frozen section block XY axis 

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