Gross Examination of Tissues in the Frozen Section Room

  • Stephen R. PetersEmail author


The chapter discusses gross examination of tissues in the setting of surgical pathology intraoperative consultation; the frozen section room. The process of gross examination is discussed in nine important steps from verifying of labeling and review of clinical information through gross examination, inking, sectioning, and cytologic preparations. These steps provide a checklist of considerations, as we perform this detailed and important part of our frozen section room task under the constraints of time. Emphasis is placed on the importance of understanding and correctly inking resection margins. The chapter offers a number of technical approaches to inking, and sectioning, as well as pointing out potential sources of error. The importance of cytology specimens and techniques for preparations are discussed.


Cytology preparations Crush preparation Scrape preparation Touch preparation Dissecting Lymph node adipose tissue Gross examination Gross sectioning of tissue Inking resection margins Application of ink Multiple sections Perpendicular margin sections Resection margin false resection margin True resection margin Inking resection margins Sampling errors Shave margin section The sausage trick 

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