Patch Clamp and Calcium Imaging in Brain Slices

  • Jens Eilers
  • Ralf Schneggenburger
  • Arthur Konnerth


The aim of this chapter is to describe the requirements for combining the patch-clamp technique with the fluorometric monitoring of changes in ion concentration in single cells in brain slice preparations (Llano et al., 1991; Kano et al., 1992; Konnerth et al., 1992; Schneggenburger et al., 1993a,b). Additional details of the patch-clamp technique in brain slices and of the different procedures for fluorometric ion measurements are given in other chapters (Chapters 8 and 16) of this volume and elsewhere (Smith et al., 1983; Tsien and Poenie, 1986; Neher, 1989).


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