Informal Sector, Pollution and Waste Management



The Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century has ushered into a new phase of industrialisation, propelling the world economy towards growth and prosperity. Improved economic performance due to industrial production has been accompanied by the inevitable consequence of discharges to the environment in the form of emissions, wastes and garbage causing pollution. Commensurate with growing consumption demand and population size over time, along with higher standards of living, industrial production has been impressively rising, inflicting further detriment to the environment. In the last few decades, environmental degradation due to rampant industrialisation has assumed such alarming proportions that pollution level has exceeded the carrying capacity of the earth, seriously jeopardising the environment and human life. The pursuit for economic growth and development is evidently consonant with environmental pollution and the menace of solid waste. Both environmental scientists and economists have been making ardent endeavours to identify the sources of this degradation and formulate policies to arrest it.


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