Colors in Earth’s Atmosphere

  • Tony Buick
Part of the Patrick Moore’s Practical Astronomy Series book series (PATRICKMOORE)


Colors from around the world could be the label for this chapter. We have all heard of rainbows, but what about ground bows, fogbows, Sun dogs, and circumzenithal arcs? All are easily captured if you are prepared for the unexpected opportunity. Because there are pictures from so many parts of the world photographs are presented of events that might be difficult or impossible to take from where you live but might be common elsewhere. Aurorae, for instance, with their eerie silence and beautifully colored atmospheric sheets, or a sunset over the Great Wall of China. Next time you fly keep watch on the clouds below; glories, or colored rings containing the silhouette of your airplane, are common, but you have to remember to look for them. And talking of clouds, there are pictures of cloud shapes and colors you might have never imagined existed. A broken specter could easily lead some to believe a ghost had just appeared. Sunsets, crepuscular rays, lightning, and moody Moon tapestries are just a few of the targets on offer. Some very simple, but essential, tips on taking great pictures are given.


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