Superlattice and Quantum Well

  • Junhao Chu
  • Arden Sher
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In three-dimensional crystals, the band edge carrier motion can be described by a quasi-particle model. The interaction of the particle with the periodic crystal field is included in the effective mass, m  ∗ . To first order, the electrons in the conduction band of a crystal with inversion symmetry have m  ∗  independent of crystal direction, and the quasi-particle energy, E 3D, is in an isotropic distribution in k-space,
$${E}^{3\mathrm{D}}(k) = \frac{{\hbar }^{2}} {2{m}^{{_\ast}}}({k}_{x}^{2} + {k}_{ y}^{2} + {k}_{ z}^{2}),$$
where k x , k y , k z denote the wave numbers in the x, y, z directions.


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