Simulation of Single-dof Systems

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Simulation consists in producing the time response of a dynamical system to a certain input and certain initial conditions with the aid of a model of the system. In some instances, like in flight simulators, the model is a piece of hardware that is wired so as to behave like the actual system. Flight simulators have attained such a degree of development that, nowadays, commercial pilots can obtain certification without ever having flown a real aircraft, but rather, by accumulating a certain number of hours at the cockpit of a flight simulator. The simulation we will study here takes place not on a hardware model, but rather on a piece of software. Thus, the simulation of interest is based on the mathematical model of the system at hand. However, as we shall see, the time-response analysis conducted in Chap. 2 is not suitable for numerical simulation, some further work being needed, as explained in this chapter.


Simulation Scheme Saving Account Orthogonal Matrice Sampling Instant Flight Simulator 


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