RF/Microwave Substrate Packaging Roadmap for Portable Devices



The RF/Microwave substrates play a key role in the design and performance of RF products. The use of high speed devices, including RF circuits for wireless, broadband and portable applications drives the need for improved electrical performance. The low loss dielectrics will play a significant role in RF isolation and performance as signal communication speeds shift from 1–5 to 5–10 for future applications.

The understanding of substrate material properties, PWB design and substrate selection play an important role in product reliability. The PWB industry is responding with many new material sets and processes such as high Tg and low loss dielectric, microvia boards, thinner dielectrics and Flex/RigidFlex substrates. The users face the challenges of selection of appropriate materials with low moisture absorption and good dimensional stability and meeting the cost target. Additionally, as new environmental regulations like ROHS, WEEE and REACH take effect, the necessary cost and performance tradeoffs have to be made to stay competitive in the global market.

This chapter discusses the material properties of various substrates and options to meet packaging density and performance needs as the industry migrates to thinner, lighter and cost effective portable products to meet the demands of wireless, broadband and high reliability applications.


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