Polymeric Microelectromechanical Millimeter Wave Systems

  • Yiin-Kuen Fuh
  • Firas Sammoura
  • Yingqi Jiang
  • Liwei Lin


Polymeric millimeter-wave components and systems based on micro molding technologies have been demonstrated, including waveguides, iris filters, tunable filters, phase shifters, waveguide-fed horn antennas and waveguide-based feeding networks. Fundamental issues in polymer metallization process such as conformal and uniform deposition as well as mass transfer and current density effects on the novel in-channel electroplating encapsulation, surface morphology and roughness on mm-wave attenuation will be discussed in detail. We believe this new class of polymeric millimeter-wave systems has potential applications in replacing the expensive metallic counterparts (a few thousand dollars for each waveguide) in current millimeter-wave systems.


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  • Firas Sammoura
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  • Yingqi Jiang
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  • Liwei Lin
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