High Performance Microelectronics Packaging Heat Sink Materials

  • Jiang Guosheng
  • Ken Kuang
  • Danny Zhu


Ever since the birth of the first semiconductor transistor in 1947, there was a need for microelectronics packaging. The purpose of microelectronics packaging is to interconnect all active and passive components alike, and at the same time to protect the electronic devices from potential harms from environment like moisture, dust and gas etc. and from other mechanical shocks. During operation, semiconductor chips also generate a lot of heat. It is important to manage this waste heat, hence the term of thermal management. One of the key enablers of effective thermal management is high performance heat sink materials. In this chapter, we will review the main characteristics, manufacturing process and the latest development in both copper and aluminum based heat sink materials. Then we will discuss the latest development for other heat sink materials.


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