Intra Prediction

  • Youn-Long Steve Lin
  • Chao-Yang Kao
  • Huang-Chih Kuo
  • Jian-Wen Chen


Intra prediction is the first process of H.264/AVC intra encoding. It predicts a macroblock by referring to its neighboring macroblocks to eliminate spatial redundancy. There are 17 prediction modes for a macroblock: nine modes for each of the 16 luma 4 ×4 blocks, four modes for a luma 16 ×16 block, and four modes for each of the two chroma 8 ×8 blocks. Because there exists great similarity among equations of generating prediction pixels across prediction modes, effective hardware resource sharing is the main design consideration. Moreover, there exists a long data-dependency loop among luma 4 ×4 blocks during encoding. Increasing parallelism and skipping some modes are two of the popular methods to design a high-performance architecture for high-end applications. However, to increase throughput will require more hardware area and to skip some modes will degrade video quality. We will present a novel VLSI implementation for intra prediction in this chapter.


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  • Chao-Yang Kao
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  • Huang-Chih Kuo
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  • Jian-Wen Chen
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