Design of the Chip

  • Nikhil Jayakumar
  • Suganth Paul
  • Rajesh Garg
  • Kanupriya Gulati
  • Sunil P. Khatri


This chapter presents the design of a test application that will utilize the circuit design methodologies described in Part II of this book. Sect. 14.2 discusses the criteria used to choose a test application and also an overviewof what basic building blocks are required for such an application. It also defines the design constraints that are to be taken into accountwhile designing a sub-threshold circuit. The architecture of the whole system and the details of the sub-blocks of the system are covered in Sect. 14.3. This chapter also outlines some special considerations and redundant features and failure-safe features that are built into the chip. The design of the chip is targeted for the TSMC [2] 0.25_m process, which is a triple well CMOS process.


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