Imaging of Brain Neoplasm

  • Soonmee Cha

Key Points

■ Brain imaging is necessary for optimal localization, characterization, and management of pediatric brain cancer prior to surgery in patients with suspected or confirmed brain tumors (strong evidence).

■ Due to its superior soft tissue contrast, multi-planar capability, and bio-safety, magnetic resonance imaging without and with gadolinium-based intravenous contrast material is the preferred method for pediatric brain cancer imaging when compared to computed tomography (moderate evidence).

■ The role of proton MR spectroscopy in the diagnosis and follow-up of pediatric brain cancer remains uncertain (insufficient evidence).

■ No adequate data exist on the role of imaging in monitoring pediatric brain cancer response to therapy and differentiating between tumor recurrence and therapy-related changes (insufficent evidence).

■ There is added value of functional MRI in the surgical planning of patients with suspected brain cancer or focal brain lesion (moderate evidence).


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