Imaging of Fetal Anomalies



■ Routine ultrasound in early pregnancy (before 24 weeks gestation) is useful for gestational age assessment, identification of multiple pregnancies, and identification of unsuspected fetal anomalies (strong evidence).

■ Routine ultrasound in late pregnancy (after 24 weeks gestation) may not be associated with improvements in overall perinatal mortality though there is a lack of data with regard to long-term neurodevelopmental outcome (moderate evidence).

■ High-risk pregnancies benefit from ultrasound assessment including Doppler ultrasound of umbilical and fetal vessels in late pregnancy with a trend in reduction of perinatal deaths (moderate to strong evidence).

■ The accuracy of ultrasound in the evaluation of fetal anomalies is influenced by the skill of the sonographer, quality of equipment, prevalence of a defect, gestational age of the fetus, maternal body habitus, oligohydramnios, and examination protocol (moderate evidence).

■ MRI evaluation of fetal abnormalities is not limited by fetal lie, oligohydramnios, overlying fat, bone, or air (moderate evidence).

■ MRI can be a useful adjunct in the evaluation of certain fetal anomalies particularly within the brain and chest (limited evidence).

■ No data were found in the medical literature that evaluated the cost-effectiveness of US versus MR in the evaluation of fetal anomalies (limited evidence).

■ MRI using higher strength magnets (≥3 T) and Doppler ultrasound in the first trimester should be minimized due to theoretical risks (US moderate evidence, MRI limited evidence).


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