Imaging of Female Children and Adolescents with Abdominopelvic Pain Caused by Gynecological Pathologies


Key Points

■ The clinical presentation of abdominopelvic pain and gonadal pathologies is often nonspecific and therefore difficult to diagnose (limited evidence).

■ Surgical emergencies such as ovarian torsion should be considered when a girl presents with acute abdominopelvic pain (limited to moderate evidence).

■ In menstruating girls and adolescents, pregnancy (orthotopic or ectopic) should be considered as a cause of abdominopelvic discomfort/pain (limited evidence).

■ The initial imaging modality of choice for evaluating the uterus and adnexa is ultrasound (US) (limited to moderate evidence). If US is non-diagnostic and the clinical picture remains uncertain, MRI is the preferred next imaging test. CT may also be considered in patients with acute symptoms (limited evidence).

■ Other gynecological causes of abdominopelvic pain such as endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease have a significant impact on societal health care costs (limited to moderate evidence).

■ Various complications associated with tumors may lead to acute abdominopelvic pain (limited evidence).


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