Imaging of Asthma in Children

  • D. Gregory Bates

Key Points

■ Airway inflammation is universal to all asthmatics and the degree of the inflammation corresponds to the severity of disease. Bronchoconstriction plays a limited role in the etiology of asthma (moderate evidence).

■ There has been a sharp rise in the prevalence, morbidity, mortality, and economic burden both within the United States and globally over the past 40 years, particularly in children (moderate evidence).

■ Despite the considerable knowledge with regard to the pathology of asthma, the costs of asthma represent a large burden to society, both nationally and internationally (moderate evidence).

■ The majority of patients presenting with asthma can be diagnosed clinically by medical history and physical examination; the need for chest radiographs in acute asthma is limited to a minority of patients (limited to moderate evidence).

■ Pulmonary function testing underestimates the degree of bronchial inflammation and may be insufficient for surveillance criteria (limited evidence).

■ No data were found in the medical literature that evaluate the cost-effectiveness of imaging in asthma (insufficient evidence).

■ The value of the chest radiograph should be to diagnose complications, to establish a precipitating cause for an asthmatic attack, and to exclude alternate diagnoses that resemble asthma (moderate evidence).

■ High-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) is a non-invasive technique capable of demonstrating and quantifying both the anatomic and physiologic changes in the lungs of asthmatic patients (moderate evidence).


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