Drug Disposition and Drug–Drug Interactions: Importance of First-Pass Metabolism in Gut and Liver

  • Catherine K. Yeung
  • Ping Zhao
  • Danny D. Shen
  • Kenneth E. Thummel


Drugs with high intestinal and hepatic extraction that undergo biotransformation are often involved in significant metabolic drug–drug interactions when co-administered with enzyme inhibitors or inducers. These interactions can result in sub- or supra-therapeutic drug levels which can lead to major adverse events. We present an overview of clinically relevant examples of metabolically based, first-pass drug–drug interactions, as well as an introduction to the pharmacokinetic principles of sequential first-pass intestinal and hepatic metabolism. We conclude with pharmacokinetic simulations that illustrate the complex relationship between inhibitor-induced changes in organ intrinsic clearances and systemic drug exposure as a first step in the development of pharmacokinetic modeling techniques that will facilitate the prediction and avoidance of metabolically based drug–drug interactions.


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