Tumors Derived from Presumed Ectopic Tissues

  • Annikka Weissferdt
  • Cesar A. Moran


The occurrence of these types of neoplasms as primary intrapulmonary tumors is rather rare. It is assumed that these tumors occur in the lung under the assumption that they may originate from ectopically occurring tissues that may have remained in the lung during embryogenesis. Although an interesting and provocative theory, this is still only a theory as from the practical aspects it is much more difficult to prove. On other hand, from the practical diagnostic point of view, it remains a viable theory to account for these tumors, which otherwise could be misconstrued as metastatic tumors to the lung. It is exactly this particular issue that must be considered not only in making the diagnosis of primary lung neoplasm but also by ensuring that patients do not undergo unnecessary work-ups or treatments. Therefore, this particular chapter highlights the occurrence and the familiarity we must have when confronted with these tumors.


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