3D Process Technology Considerations

  • Albert M. Young
  • Steven J. Koester
Part of the Integrated Circuits and Systems book series (ICIR)


Both form-factor and performance-scaling trends are driving the need for 3D integration, which is now seeing rapid commercialization. While overall process integration schemes are not yet standardized across the industry, it is now important for 3D circuit designers to understand the process trends and tradeoffs that underlie 3D technology. In this chapter, we outline the basic process considerations that designers need to be aware of: strata orientation, inter-strata alignment, bonding-interface design, TSV dimensions, and integration with CMOS processing. These considerations all have direct implications on design and will be important in both the selection of 3D processes and the optimization of circuits within a given 3D process.


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The authors wish to thank the following people for their contributions to this work: Roy R. Yu, Sampath Purushothaman, Kuan-neng Chen, Douglas C. La Tulipe, Narender Rana, Leathen Shi, Matthew R. Wordeman, Edmund J. Sprogis, Fei Liu, Steven Steen, Cornelia Tsang, Paul Andry, David Frank, Jyotica Patel, James Vichiconti, Deborah Neumayer, Robert Trzcinski, Latha Ramakrishnan, James Tornello, Michael Lofaro, Gil Singco, John Ott, David DiMilia, William Price, and Jesus Acevedo. The authors also acknowledge the support of the IBM Microelectronics Research Laboratory, and Central Scientific Services, as well as the staff at EV Group and Suss MicroTec. This project was funded in part by DARPA under SPAWAR contract numbers N66001-00-C-8003 and N66001-04-C-8032.


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