Graduate vs. Professional School

  • Thomas Landefeld
Part of the Mentoring in Academia and Industry book series (MAI, volume 4)


There are obviously more than two possible career paths for science majors, although very often these are lumped into either graduate, i.e., Ph.D. or professional, e.g., MD, DO, PharmD, DVM, etc. This is done because these tracks are the more conventional routes that science majors tend to go. Also, it is somewhat natural since one route entails practicing a trade, e.g., medicine, pharmacy, etc., whereas the other represents a more classical academic route that usually focuses on teaching and research. Of course there are also the combined routes, e.g., MD/PhD, MD/MPH that some choose to take. Regardless, making such a choice involves a number of considerations and, as such, once again requires mentoring, specifically from individuals who are knowledgeable and experienced with the processes involved in these attaining these degrees and embarking into these careers, especially since the student may have very little if any direct experience and/or exposure to the actual requirements and workings involved.


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